So, who am I?

when you remove everything that people convinced you you need, when you remove all that you truly, genuinely don't care about. Suddenly, you'll find you have a lot of time and resources to be... Happy

My experience

I spent most my life in Poland. I came to the UK in 2019, right as the pandemic began.

I finished International Baccalaureate (IB) with higher physics, computer science and English.
Now I'm going into 3rd year of Game Design and Production at Abertay Uni in Dundee.

Taking part in 8 GameJams, I'm no stranger to working in small teams on very tight deadlines.

Me, the person

A proud bohemian I embrace the weird and peculiar in the world and in myself.

Always trying to make the most of the time I have on earth, I constantly seek out
new activities, hobbies, acquaintances and opportunities.  
Predictably, I am a big fan of outside the box solutions.

What I lack in restraint I more than make up for in raw persistence. Or so I'm told.

I like a good green tea and a good heart-to-heart conversation.
For the other things I enjoy, there's the next section.

Want a closer look at my experience? Here's my CV:

Long running hobbies


Going into GameDev without enjoying games would be like being a writer who's never red a book.


With 119 games on Steam and almost 3000 achievements, I sank more time into gaming than most sensible people.


Personal favourites include Minecraft's building, DeepRockGalactic's community and HollowKnight's worldbuilding

Cooking & Baking

"It's candy, it doesn't have to make sense".
It's pleasant and lovely yet inherently pointless. Much like games, making good food is an enjoyable process which leaves something (hopefully ) as enjoyable as a result. A result you can share with others to enjoy.

And I'd say there's something special about that.


The path to inner peace is long and challenging, but as all journeys are- very rewarding.

To have an ensemble of some of the world's wisest humans as your guides is a great opportunity.

Traveling & Photography

I had the opportunity to travel quite a bit around Europe. By my calculations I've been to 18 countries in Europe, and a handful outside the 'old world', such as the USA and Tunisia.


Traveling is an amazing opportunity to experience different cultures and incredible environments. And a little adventure you'll remember for years to come is always a welcome surprise.