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Level design
and programming

A little bit of both


Design focused projects

Solo projects

May '21 - Jan '22

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A world carved by shadows

Jan '22-ongoing

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They hear every step you take

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About me

A driven designer & developer

I'm an immensely energetic force of passion and creativity.

6 years of hobby practice in both design and programming roles.

I love the challenge of taking a concept and seeing if I can make it work
...and the immense satisfaction when the answer is "yes". 

Curious about my process?

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behind the Damp Grotto for

My Games

developed for projects

I'm most proficient in Unity's C#, though recently I've been learning Unreal Engine 4 and it's blueprints.

The further down you scroll the more dated the projects are. You have been warned.


Psychological | Walking sim

  • Timed movement, rotation and toggling of lights

  • Interactibles & auto triggers

  • Lock & Key system

  • Saving and loading game data between session

  • Checkpoints and non-linear objectives

Being design-focused, the mechanics were kept simple

  • State machine based enemy AI: patrolling a set area, seeking player, reacting to detection triggers and pathfinding to chase the player

  • Scent mechanic - enemy follows a chain of dissipating tracks to catch the player

  • Heating mechanic - player noise is compared to environmental noise to drive detection

  • Cloth physics for wind-flag interactions


Stealth | Experimental


PVP | Hotseat | Mobile

Curve your projectiles on gravity fields to knock your opponents into space.

  • Modular weapon solution

  • Custom gravity

  • Health & Damage

  • Unlockables & progression

  • Save & Load progress between versions

  • Camerawork and group object tracking

  • Full UI - with screen ratio scaling

  • Mobile input handling


Rhythm | GameJam entry

Recruit the citizens of Hell to form the most epic band the underworld has ever seen to impress the Devil so you can go back to living. 
What could possibly go wrong?

  • Linear dialogue

  • Music encoding and decoding

  • HTTPS requests for

  • UI implementation

    * the highscore database is a free  
    external resource

  • Hexagonal grid based world generation, 

  • Pathfinding optimized for dynamically updating environment

  • basic state machine AI for resource gathering around a set position to core structure

  • Use of recursive flood fill for hexagonal coordinates for AI behaviors

  • Use of raycasting and spherecasting for UI and AI behaviors


RTS | GameJam entry

Gather resources, build structures and destroy the sun the resume your galactic conquest. Simple.


Get in Touch

If you're an employer looking for a good worker or intern, or a player interested in what I do, don't hesitate to send me a message.

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