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May '21- Jan '22

What if darkness itself was an obstacle?

Explore a lonely space station, trying to restore power, before it is all engulfed by Jupiter's shadow. Your character is terribly terrified of darkness, which claimed most of the station when the power went out.

Mind the high contrasts, and pitch black darkness are prevalent as they are intrinsic to the design identity.

Lab objective approach
Comms objective approach

Full Documentation

(87 pages)

Final environment layout 


Thoughtful making of space

How the geometry is structured to subconsciously guide the player.
Guides section
Kitchen secton

the Kitchen

The first area the player enters, kitchen& aggroponics have the critical role of establishing the delicate balance of light and shadow that drives the gameplay.

Guiding the player to this objective and pointing out their next objective was particularly tricky.

the CORE

This room, (the final challenge) is designed to draw attention an frame the centrepiece. While until now light has been a safe space, the core damages the player when touched. The player needs to be close enough to not be in shadow, but not so close as to touch the lethal ray itself.

CORE section

the Lab

This area is built around timed spotlights which create very clear cones of light. These activate in a sequence - forcing the player to time their movement to match the lights activating.

Lab secton

the Storage

Meant to force the player 
to push to their limits, this

late-game area is built around a single light, with 2 switches in visible yet uncomfortably far-off and dark areas. The player has to find the switches, then run to them and back to the light before running out of time.

Storage section

the Gym

Establishing the lever logic, the gym is all about redefining the room by changing the light conditions.

What path is possible at first, becomes deadly after flipping a switch.

Gym section
Comms section

the Comms

The comms are the first
deep dive into the darkness.

Though the area is practically quite simple, it remains intimidating as most of the geometry is obscured by the deep shadows.

the Lobby

A safe haven from the ever-present darkness, the lobby offers a safe respite for the player and helps them reorient themselves about their surroundings.

Lobby section

the Shuttle

Created from the secondary refuge space theory, and a war on 90* angles, the shuttle evolved into a very distinct geometry, while offering a relatively straightforward gameplay challenge.

Shuttle section


Because no idea is great right off the bat.
Layout Iteration
Absolutely tremendous, says the creator of the project, having no credible reviewing services available.


No official reviews yet! Contact me to become a part of the beta testing!


The sheer impact of this project has made me reconsider my entire future, opting to pursue a career in level design. Would play again.


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