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Mick Czarnecki

Me, the person

I am fond of the strange and peculiar in the world and people around me, I constantly seek out new activities, hobbies, acquaintances and opportunities. I always try to make the most of any circumstance I find myself in. Predictably, I am a big fan of outside the box solutions.  

I like a good green tea and a good heart-to-heart conversation.
For the other things I enjoy, there's the next section.


My experience

I finished International Baccalaureate (IB) with higher physics, computer science and English.
Now I'm going into 4th year of Game Design and Production at Abertay University in Dundee.

Taking part in 8 GameJams, I'm no stranger to working in small teams on very tight deadlines. Those, as well as many group projects at Abertay gave me plenty of chances to improve my teamworking ability, soft skills and mediating between conflicted teammates and interests.


I've been playing around with Unity since 2017, making proof of concept prototypes for myself, so I'm comfortable with a range of engine features. 

Want a closer look at my experience?  Here's my CV:



Going into GameDev without enjoying games would be like being a writer who's never red a book.


With 119 games on Steam and almost 3000 achievements, I sank more time into gaming than most sensible people.


Personal favourites include Minecraft's building, DeepRockGalactic's community and HollowKnight's environmental storytelling.


The path to inner peace is long and challenging, but as all journeys are- very rewarding.

To have an ensemble of some of the world's wisest humans as your guides is a great opportunity.

Cooking & Baking

It's pleasant and lovely yet inherently pointless. Much like games, making good food is an enjoyable process which leaves something (hopefully ) as enjoyable as a result. A result you can share with others to enjoy. And I'd say that's something special. 

Traveling & Photography

I had the opportunity to travel quite a bit around Europe. By my calculations I've been to 18 countries in Europe, and a handful outside the 'old world', such as the USA and Tunisia.


Traveling is an amazing opportunity to experience different cultures and incredible environments. And a little adventure you'll remember for years to come is always welcome in my mind.

Get in Touch

If you're an employer looking for a good worker or intern, or a player interested in what I do, don't hesitate to send me a message.

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