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I pinky-promise not to spy on you or steal the precious pictures of your cat. The only data used for the development of this app would be reviews hopefully left on the publishing platform :)


This app does NOT collect Personal information such as

  • Aproximate nor exact location

  • Name, Adress, user IDs, Email or Phone number

  • Race & Ethnicity, political or religious beliefs, sexual orientation

  • Any other personal information such as date of birth, gender identity, veteran status, etc

This app does NOT contain in-app purchase, it does not collect financial info such as

  • User payment info, purchase history or credit score

  • Any other financial information such as user salary or debts.

This app does NOT collect health or fitness info

This app does NOT access any messaging system such as emails, SMS, MMS or any other in-app messaging system. It does NOT access the user's contacts.

This app does NOT access the user photos, videos, voice or sound recordings, music files or any other audio files

This app does NOT access files or documents with the exception of saving and retrieving the game save file for tracking player progression. These data-files are stored exclusively on the user's device and are not collected, archived or shared by the developer.

This app does NOT access the calendar or web browsing history

This app does NOT track app activity such as

  • app interactions

  • in-app search history

  • other installed apps

  • other user-generated content

  • other actions such as gameplay

This app does not record device ID or any other ID

This app does NOT record app info or performance such as

  • crash logs

  • diagnostics

  • other app performance data

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