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While researching artillery shooters I realized a simple fact. 
None of the ones I encountered consider ballistics in a space of non-uniform gravity. The long-established format is twisted into a radically different feeling game when brought into a tiny planet setting.

This solo project has been developed as a proof of concept and to allow me to explore the mobile publishing pipeline.

The project is live on PlayStore and should be available worldwide to anyone with android 8.1 or higher.

Intuitive drag and release controls, full UI, Saving and loading of player progression.


Featuring a robust modular weapon implementation - allowing for

  • Various spawning methods like burst fire or cone fire, 

  • In-flight behaviors like homing or despawning if out of atmosphere

  • Triggers IE 'explode if in proximity of an atmosphere'explosio

  • On-hit effects such as dealing raw damage or explosive area damage

Since its release, I've play-tested with around a dozen people to help achieve balance and remove glitches. Based on the feedback I first added and then improved tutorial and weapon descriptions. Projectile tracking and UI has gone through significant changes based on feedback too.

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